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Small Business Solutions

We are excited to to bring you Small Business Solutions, a complete offering that meets the most pressing needs of small business owners. These solutions allow you to take advantage of the latest technology to better understand your business, help it grow — or just make more time to focus on what you love. And when combined, they are even more powerful.

Clover Security

Protect your success.

Clover Security bundles the latest in payments security and compliance technology to help protect you from the cyber security threats associated with accepting credit and debit cards. It’s incredibly powerful and easy to manage — freeing you to focus on running your business.

Multilayered protection for increased confidence.

Clover Security helps defend your system from cyberattacks, protects your customers’ sensitive data and reduces liability if you experience a breach. And now, it’s a standard feature of any Santander merchant account.

The Clover Security Solution can help you:
  • Protect your customer. Clover Security makes it virtually impossible for cyber criminals to steal card data by comprehensively monitoring the security of your system.*
  • Reduce your PCI compliance burden. With a quick and easy questionnaire, Clover Security makes it easy to get and stay compliant. You also get an at-a-glance look at your overall data security and risk outlook, and receive alerts about possible tampering.
  • Minimize your liability. Get up to $100,000 in liability waived for card association fines and expenses if a data breach occurs.
  • Get expert guidance. You can contact our dedicated security specialists with any questions or concerns.
*Requires eligible POS equipment

Get the payment security experts on your side.

Contact us today to sign up for merchant processing protected by Clover Security. If you already have a merchant processing account with us and want to get Clover Security protection, contact us to learn which solutions are protected or check out Clover Station. It’s our revolutionary control system for small businesses — and Clover Security comes standard.

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