Always extra. Never ordinary. And for a limited time, free.

Clover Station

There’s never been a better time to experience Small Business Solutions and take advantage of the latest technology to better understand your business, help it grow—or just make more time to focus on what you love. Why wait? Put them to work in your business today for free for up to 90 days.*

Clover Station not only accepts payments, it helps you track inventory, manage employees, and drive customer loyalty. And it integrates seamlessly with all Small Business Solutions, making it the perfect platform from which to run your business.

Streamline your operations.

With every sale, Clover Station automatically builds a transaction record and tracks inventory. Then it simplifies your transaction data into clear suggestions that will help you work smarter.

Manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Clover Station uses cloud-based software, making it easy to manage your business on any desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Customize with apps built for your business.

The ability to personalize your Clover Station with apps truly makes it one of a kind. You can endlessly expand your system’s capabilities with the continuously updated Clover App Market.

InsighticsSM Solution

Discover an entirely new side of your business with the Insightics Solution. It transforms your sales information into a new understanding of your customers, sales, and similar businesses—opening the door to unexpected opportunities.

Know your customers better.

Understand where your customers live and shop so you can better target them, or see where you might open your next location.

Improve your marketing efforts.

Find profiles of your customers and segment by categories like new, repeat, or local—so you can market to them more effectively.

Check out similar businesses.

Compare your sales data and see how consumers are spending at other businesses like yours.

Best of all, the Small Business Solutions integrate seamlessly with your Santander Business Checking account for quick fund transfers to improve your cash flow. Don’t have an account? Open a Santander Business Checking account today for free!**

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